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Shipping costs

Shipping is provided by InPost 

InPost is a PO box system allowing you to receive orders 24/7.
A person doing online shopping-after ordering InPost PO box shipping-will receive a fede message and an e-mail with the access code. To pick up the delivery you only need to type in your telephone number and the access code on the InPost PO box panel and the box will open automatically. 

Within 2 working days following despatch, your package will arrive to the PO box. You may pick up your consignement at any time.

If the package can not be picked up within 3 days, it will be transferred to the nearest InPost branch. The Client will be informed about the address by text message and e-mail. If the package is not picked up within 14 days following delivery to the PO box, InPost will return the package to the Sender, at the Sender’s expence, equal to the cost of the consignement.

801 400 100 (landlines)
722 444 000 (mobiles)
Total cost of the call equals one rate unit of the chosen operator. 

InPost Po box
ul. Malborska 130
30-624 Kraków