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  • How can I receive ordered products? 

We ship the orders through well known providers – UPS, DHL, DPD, GLS, PPL, InPost and Polish Post

  • What is the shipping time? 

In most cases we send the order within 24 hours from receiving the request, on working days. The courier delivers the consignement in 24 hours from sending it. 

  • Can I set precise time with the courier, to receive my parcel at particular hour?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on the times of delivery. The couriers are usually flexible and, if the receiver is not at home, they contact them by phone.

If you decide to use the InPost service, you may receive your consignement at any convenient time. 

  • How may I receive my consignement if I am not home when the courier arrives? 

In this case, the courier contacts the Client by phone, to set a different time or place. If the courier fails to contact the Client, they leave an advice note.

  • What is the cost of domestic shipping? 

he costs of domestic shipping in Poland depend on the value of consignement and and the method of shipping. Please familiarize yourself with the current price list on our website.

  • What are the costs of shipping abroad? 

The costs of shipping abroad depend on the destination country. Please familiarize yourself with the current price list on our website.

  • Is there a possibility of purchasing your products personally in your store, not only by the Internet? 

You can purchase our products in our premises, as well as during meetings with our sales representatives. 

  • Can I verify the content of the package before paying to the courier? 

The packages are delivered by independent providers and the couriers have the right to refuse to open the consignement before payment, as their responsibility is only to deliver it. There is, however, a possibility to open the package in courier’s presence, after paying and accepting the receipt. In case of any variance, the courier will write up a report that can be used as basis for further complaint.

  • What should I do if I receive a damaged package? 

All the consignements are packed and checked by two workers controling each other. If the package has any traces of any interference, the acceptance should be refused. As soon as we are informed about the incydent, we will send another consignement. 

  • How will I know when I may receive my package?

Information about the current state of the order is available in ‘Your account’ tab. Additionally, information about the status is sent to the e-mail address given during the registration.

  • Is it possible to have my consignement sent to an address different than stated in the registration?

The system automatically loads the address. If you wish to receive your consignement to a different address, you may change the details in your user panel.

  • What documents shall I receive along with my consignement?

We attach the proof of goods release and a VAT invoice to every consignement.

  • How do I know on what stage my consignement is?

By logging onto your accout you may see what is happening to your order at any time.


  •  How may I pay for items bought from

You may choose from different methods of payment:
CREDIT CARD – after placing the order you will be redirected to the PayU site, which handles all payments by cars in our store. The connection is encrypted and 100% safe. You will be asked to give your card data which will be transferred directly to your bank. With this method of payment you have an additional possibility to choose a different shipping address – the recipient does not need any cash for the delivery.
ON-LINE TRANSFER – this transaction is also secured by PayU service. After choosing your operator you will be redirected to their web site where, having logged onto your account, you will make the transfer. All the biggest Polish banks’ services are available.
COLLECT SHIPMENT – you will pay for the package on pick-up.
TRADITIONAL TRANSFER – you can transfer the money to our account or pay in a bank or post office. In this case it is necessary for us to note down the payment made to deliver the order.

  • I would like to pay by a bank transfer, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. You may choose this method of payment, as it is very convenient, especially with large sums of money. The consignement is sent to you as soon as the money appears on our account. That is usually on the next day after submitting the transfer.

  • I would like to change my data on the invoice I have received, that contains erroneous data. What should I do to receive a corrected invoice?

The faulty invoice should be sent back to us and we will send the corrected one immediately.

  • Are the prices given on the website valid and definite?

Information on regarding both availability and prices of our pieces are updated daily. However, according to the law, the pieces presented on our website are only a PRESENTATION and an invitation to make a purchase. We reserve the right to change the price given on our website.


  • Do I have to set up an account to purchase?

To ba able to purchase from, you must have client’s account.

  • What does registration to involve?

Registration involves filling in a short form with your basic data and the company data. We need this information to execute the consignement and to issue the VAT invoice for puchased goods.

  • I ordered items that I do not want to buy. What should I do?

If you made an order by accident, please contact us at or phone 12 4141960. You can also enter your account on, where you can cancel your order.

  • How do I view a product on

We did everything to present our products as precisely as possible. The images are in high resolution and you can enlarge them by clicking on them. Every product is fully described. In case of any doubts or questions, you can always contact our service by e-mail or by phone 12 4141960.

IV. Returns, replacements, complaints

  • Is there a possibility to return the product without giving a reason?

If the product ordered does not meet your expectations, you may return it without giving any reason, up to 14 days from receiving the package. The product should be sent at the Buyers cost by any delivery company or by Polish Post. The Buyer should provide a withdrawal document and the bank account number, to which the money should be sent.

  • What should I attach to the product that I wish to send back to

To every item that you wish to replace, return or reclaim, you need to attach a filled in ‘Withdrawal Document’.

  • I have not received the warranty card with my purchase. Does this mean the product is not subject to complaint?

If a particular product does not have a warranty card, such card is not needed, you may reclaim the item without it.